Anchors & Expansion Joint Guides

Some contractors have a very strange idea as to what these consist of, particularly when using axial bellows where anchor forces are high.

Approximately 15% of the anchor force is transmitted as a side/deflecting thrust onto the first guide. ‘U’ bolts and single rollers and chairs most decidedly DO NOT make a guide. Equally ‘U’ bolts and saddles clamped to a pipe DO NOT make an anchor, they merely hold the pipe in position. The pipe must have welded channel or a flange welded on to it, then welded to the anchor steel, which in turn must be heavily braced to the slab or concrete floor. Guides too, must have sufficient bracing steels or Unistrut. We can supply heavy duty reinforced PTFE (low friction) slide guides, particularly with the larger axial bellows we supply. Please consult us on this, we are often shown some horrific installations by clients with a failure due to a contractor who clearly has got it all wrong. Please see pages 1 – 4 by clicking on the download links.

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