Dangers From Magnetite

This case study shows a picture of cut up hoses supplied in 2007 by Supaflex Pipeline Division, for a project with a number of 4 pipe fan coil units.

In 2010 we had a telephone call from the original contractor explaining how the flow rate to some of the FCU's on the LPHW had all but disappeared. These, almost blocked, samples arrived in the post and we tapped out some of the content onto a piece of white paper and ran a magnet over it. As you can see, all of the shaken out content went straight to the magnet. A serious problem. If magnetite is here it is also likely to be elsewhere in other equipment. The CHW had not been affected in the same manner. The first questions we asked (A) had any filters or microbubble air and dirt separators been specified by the Consulting Engineer ? (answer - no, just strainers) (B) could the chemical dosing specialist have under dosed the LPHW and had it been maintained ? (answer - to be established) (C) are you and or the Consulting Engineer going to investigate the cause, which we strongly recommend ? (answer - eagerly awaited decision). Simple strainers normally only remove the larger particles, especially not down to the 10 or even a 5 micron level which will be attached to the magnet.

Supaflex Agencies act as Agents for Clyde and with boilers, we know only too well the importance of fitting Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators either standard or better still magnetic. Low velocity/low loss headers should be considered and in certain cases Simplex and Duplex filters. The Supaflex Pipeline Division of Interflex Hose and Bellows can supply all of these items. One of the worst situations is the renewal of a boiler onto an old pipework system and we strongly recommend in these cases the above equipment is considered.

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