Magnetic Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators

As an aid to system cleaning you should specifically install Magnetic Filtering.

The magnetite range has been developed to remove potentially damaging particles from both hot and chilled water systems. It is comprised of a very fine stainless steel strainer capable of removing air & microbubbles plus debris down to 10 micron. Inside the body of our unit is also a high-gauss magnetic rod these two elements combined provide a very powerful cleaning device. As the water flows through the unit the magnetite is attracted to the magnetic rod and even the smallest particles down to 5 micron and less are collected. Through simple & cost effective maintenance the magnetic rod is then removed 100%. For the complete and efficient removal of air & dirt from water systems Supaflex offers a comprehensive range of air & dirt separation equipment.

It is perhaps human nature to blame the component that exhibits the symptoms and look any further.

Running a clean and well maintained water condition in heating & cooling systems is not expensive and ensures reliable operation from pumps, valves ad heat emitters etc, as well as the boiler and chillers.

Please enquire about our magnetic range of air and dirt separators. A clean and efficient way for longer lasting less problematic systems.

Model D-M

  • D-M 50mm
  • D-M 65mm
  • D-M 80mm
  • D-M 100mm
  • D-M 125mm
  • D-M 150mm
  • D-M 200mm
  • D-M 250mm
  • D-M 300mm
  • D-M 350mm
  • D-M 400mm
  • D-M 450mm

Demountable Model D-RM

  • D-RM 50mm
  • D-RM 65mm
  • D-RM 80mm
  • D-RM 100mm
  • D-RM 125mm
  • D-RM 150mm
  • D-RM 200mm
  • D-RM 250mm
  • D-RM 300mm
  • D-RM 350mm
  • D-RM 400mm
  • D-RM 450mm

Model AD-M

  • AD-M-32mm
  • AD-M-50mm
  • AD-M-65mm
  • AD-M-80mm
  • AD-M-100mm
  • AD-M-125mm
  • AD-M-150mm
  • AD-M-200mm
  • AD-M-250mm
  • AD-M-300mm
  • AD-M-350mm
  • AD-M-400mm
  • AD-M-450mm
  • AD-M-600mm

Demountable Model AD-RM

  • AD-RM 50mm
  • AD-RM 65mm
  • AD-RM 80mm
  • AD-RM 100mm
  • AD-RM 125mm
  • AD-RM 150mm
  • AD-RM 200mm
  • AD-RM 250mm
  • AD-RM 300mm
  • AD-RM 350mm
  • AD-RM 400mm
  • AD-RM 450mm
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