Standard Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators

AD Microbubble air and dirt separators produced in Britain and tested in a British University Engineering laboratory.

We have recently added these to the Supaflex portfolio of specialist pipeline equipment along with Expansion Bellows. The removal of dissolved gasses and dirt particles from both chilled water and heating systems is a very important aspect in maintaining equipment in serviceable condition. Old systems in particular, where new boilers and pumps may have been added, can be particularly vulnerable to damage from air and dirt. The features of the units include: low pressure drop, bi-directional flow and working pressure temperature of standard units to 10 bar/ 1 l Oc. Standard flanged ends are BS4504 PN16 in all sizes from 32mm to 600mm bore. Other flange tables can be supplied. Supaflex Dosing Pots and water sample coolers can also be supplied in a range of standard sizes to 25 litres.

Model AD

  • AD 32mm
  • AD 50mm
  • AD 65mm
  • AD 80mm
  • AD 100mm
  • AD 125mm
  • AD 150mm
  • AD 200mm
  • AD 250mm
  • AD 300mm
  • AD 350mm
  • AD 400mm
  • AD 450mm
  • AD 600mm
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