Stainless Steel Inline Flanged Air & Dirt Separators


Selection Table


Principal of Operation

Flow velocity reduces as the water enters the separator air rises from the water to the top of the chamber where the baffle system assists with air venting. Heavier particles can be drained through the optional bottom socket 4. (1" BSP)


  • Materials of Construction 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Flange Rating to BS 4504 NP10 Raised Face.
  • 3 off Top Mounted 3/8" BSP Sockets for Air Elimination.
  • Baffle System Between Sockets 2 and 3.


  • Flange Rating To ANSI B16.5 - 150#.
  • Drain Socket 3/8" BSP Female.
  • 316 Stainless Steel.
  • DN 50 Available with 2" BSPF end connections.

Separator Identification


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